This exceptional wine is made slightly unconventionally, but the result is an extremely complex and unique wine. The Primitivo grapes are crushed, but not pressed, and fermented with autochthonous yeast varieties. The fermentation is allowed to continue until 33°C (instead of the 28-30°C maximum usual for red wines). The maceration takes place with 5-6 delestages a day. After alcoholic fermentation, the new wine remains on the pomaces until malolactic fermentation has taken place. After a minimum of 2 months, once the pomaces have settled at the bottom, the first decanting can take place. A few months later, after the second decanting, the wine is kept at a low temperature in tonneaux for at least 9 months.


This is an exceptional and complex ruby red wine. It has strong notes of fresh and dried figs, and fruits steeped in alcohol, alongside the herbaceous notes of eucalyptus and tobacco. On the palate it also has nutty, almond undertones and a light touch of Italian espresso. This balanced and well-rounded wine is sublime with lightly-flavoured dishes, ripe cheeses, and fried fruits.