This single varietal Primitivo from Tarantino benefits from the warm Mediterranean climate and the moderating influence of the Adriatic Sea. The red, ferrous oxide and aluminium rich soils impart a mineral quality to this structured wine. The producer and founder of Felline, Gregory Perucci, is a proud advocate of Puglia and its wines, particularly its native and typical grapes. This Primitivo is proof of the quality of the wine-making in the area around
Taranto, which has been producing wines since the arrival of Greek settlers before the rise of the Romans. This Primitivo preserves its spicy fruitiness as it is fermented and matured in INOX stainless steel tanks.


The vivacious violet hues of this wine are accompanied first by aromas of red fruit, cherry, and blackberry, laced with ethereal hints of eucalyptus and liquorice. On the palate, the fresh fruit and subtle herbaceousness are joined by spiciness and mineral notes. The tannins in this wine are soft, and the wine is well-balanced and structured with a pleasant finish of fruit and minerals. This wine goes well with all foods, but is perfect when paired with well-spiced foods and pastas.