This single varietal Negroamaro is an expression by Gregory Perucci, the founder of Felline, of his love of Puglia and its viticulture. The grapes are grown in loose, stony soil and the wine builds of the success of his iconic, award-winning Primitivo di Manduria collections, he set out to create wines that speak of the memory and heritage of the region. Seeking to preserve Puglia’s wine identity, and highlight its beauty and diversity, he has created a series of single varietals. This Negroamaro is a beneficiary of his great passion.


This inky, blue-black elixir invites you in with a bouquet of ripe red berries, and fresh fruits. This juicy wine follows its fruity notes with subtle and delicate hints of cinnamon, liquorice, and spicy Mediterranean herbs. This smooth and exquisitely balanced wine has a rich and full flavour, highlighting the innate characteristics of the Negroamaro grape, the uniqueness of the Puglian terroir, and the remarkable expertise of Gregory Perucci’s winemaking. The good balance and fruity, spicy flavours of this wine make it ideal for all foods, or a treat to be enjoyed on its own.