The history of the aglianico has ancient origins.. it is believed that the Greeks, in the migration to the regions that merged into Magna Graecia, brought the first vines to Italy and planted them on the land between Campania and Basilicata. It was the period between the seventh and sixth centuries BC, The first effective evidences date back to Roman era. There is no certainty regarding the origin of its name. The most accepted theory, however, is that the Aglianico Name descends from “Hellenic” or from City of Elea on Tyrrhenian sea. According to a paper published by the historian Riccardo Valli, the Aglianico word has no derivation from Hellenic, but instead originates from the flat land where the vines were located during the Spanish domination.In fact, “Llano” in Hispanic means flat land.


Intense ruby red in colour, its aromas are intense and fruity with inkling of ripe red fruits. The palate is persistent and harmonic.