Greco di Tufo is a DOCG of the Campania wine region in southern Italy. It is responsible for what is arguably one of the country’s most prestigious white wine, made predominantly from the grape variety that shares its name. The Greco di Tufo grape is a clone of Greco Bianco and is believed to have been introduced to Campania by the Pelasgians, an ancient people from Thessaly in Greece. The vines from which Greco di Tufo wines are made are cultivated at an altitude of 450 to 500 meters (1,310–1,640ft), where the cooler temperatures allow grapes to enjoy the persistent summer sunshine without overheating or having their photosynthesis shut down. This allows them to ripen without losing too much acidity, an effect magnified by the good day/night temperature variation. Greco di Tufo wine stands out thanks to the unique characteristics of the sulfur- and tuff-rich volcanic and clay soils; it is believed that these lend the wine its perfume and mineral complexity. These refreshing and crisp white wines are known for their aromatic notes of citrus, pears and toasted almonds and a lingering mineral finish.


Gold yellow in colour, its aromas are fruit-driven with hints of peach and dried apricot and a spicy minerality. The palate is dry, warm, soft with good freshness and a great persistence.