This wine is the culmination of the love Gregory Perucci (founder of Felline) has for Puglia. After hearing about and researching this little-known, indigenous Susumaniello grape, which
originated and has been grown in Puglia since Roman times, Gregory struggled to find the grape in the region. After years scouring the countryside in search of this elusive grape,
he managed to find it on one small vineyard in Torre Guaceto. Working with the farmer, Gregory helped to increase yields and revive this ancient grape commercially.


A ruby red tending towards the violet, this is a robust wine with intense fruity notes. Black cherry, berries, and baked blackberry are strong on the nose, and complemented by spicy notes. It is full-bodied and smooth with velvety tannins and a rusty metal finish. The strong fruit and spice of this Susumaniello are best paired with red meats and traditional Puglian and Mediterranean dishes.