This is Digby’s gold medal and trophy-winning flagship wine. Outscored Dom Pérignon 2009 and Krug in a blind tasting hosted by Stephen Spurrier at 67 Pall Mall. Chardonnay grown on greensand provides the core for long ageing, supported by the richness of the Pinots. Trevor Clough, Digby’s CEO and Head-blender, only declares a vintage and produces this style when Chardonnay, particularly that grown on greensand, shows taut power and the structure for long ageing. 2010 was a slow-maturing, pristine example of English excellence.


A well integrated seam of acidity draws the sipper through these layers of flavour, reminiscent of lemon Magnolia flowers descending into lightly poached apples. The long, rumbling finish comes from the Pinots in the blend which yield brioche and gunpowder characteristics.


The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships 2019 – Gold / Best in Class
Texsom Awards 2020 – Gold
WineGB Awards 2018 – Gold
UK Wine Awards 2017 – Gold / Trophy: Most Outstanding Classic Style