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New Producer: Savian

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Savian, an organic, low-intervention winery from Veneto. An organic producer of vegan, low-sulphite wines, Savian has a real respect for the environment and belief in their vines. Certified organic since 1993, Savian produces a fantastic range of low intervention wines, which allow the terroir and grape varieties to shine through.Carson

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New Producer: Scarpa

We are delighted to announce that Scarpa will be making its debut in the UK market with Carson & Carnevale Wines as its exclusive distributor. Scarpa, a Piedmontese winery focused on crafting high-quality wines, has recently partnered with Carson & Carnevale Wines to bring some new and exciting wines to the UK market. Scarpa is a producer of wines which

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