Nerento is a majestic single vineyard made with pure Sangiovese grapes, coming from the oldest vineyard of the estate that has been known for the quality of its grapes since the mid-nineteenth century. Complex, wonderful and exuberant, it contains the secret of the terroir of Villa Trasqua, the iconic wine, the very essence of the Sangiovese produced in Castellina in Chianti.


Lively deep ruby red with light garnet hues. Aromas of great personality – blackcurrant, blueberry and black mulberry followed by balsamic notes of eucalyptus and laurel. The aromas open up well to spices (liquorice, black pepper and nutmeg) to bring out hints of coffee and cocoa. The impact on the palate is rich, with great personality and enveloping, integrated tannins and with a savoury finish. The fruitiness in the mouth is accompanied by well integrated tannins with a savoury finish. The palate is balanced, with an enduring persistence of blackberry, black cherry and liquorice.