Fiano grapes of Lapio land produce intensely flavoured and aromatic wines. “Oi nì” delivers just that, and more. A focused, floral, and opulent wine with a perfect balance between freshness and softness. Rich, full with a very long and pleasure aromatic persistance. The wine was fermented using natural yeasts for 12 months in oval barrels of 25 hectoliters. Malolactic fermentation was blocked. The wine is bottled without fining or filtration and completes the aging in bottle for other 6/9 months. Oi nì is an act of courage that is pushing the boundaries of Fiano in a different way—drawing on techniques from France’s Alsace region. It was a winning bet of producing a unique quality wine, convincing both the critics of the sector and those who have a less professional approach to wine.


Intense gold yellow in colour. The nose is particularly fruity and floral, very intense, with hints of dried apricot, honey, pineapple, magnolia, rose, fennel, broom and roasted hazelnuts. The palate is dry, warm and very soft with good freshness and a great persistence. The body is full but velvety and elegant.