Morellino di Scansano gets its name from the particular type of Sangiovese found in Scansano in the Maremma region of Grosseto in Tuscany. Soft and fruity, it is becoming more and more popular with wine drinkers and wine lovers alike. These grapes are grown in mixed terrain, with the area characterised by the presence of calcareous base rock, and sandy soils dappled with clay and stony galestro.


Its intense ruby red colour is the prelude to a blend of fragrances that evokes black cherry, spices and aromatic herbs. Intensely fruity on the nose with slight hints of sweet spices, followed by a palate that is full bodied, flowing and complex, it is pleasantly tannic – an excellent fusion, thick and tight on the palate yet also expansive and flavourful. This wine is best served at 18°C.


90 points – James Suckling