The grapes are collected from the end of September to the start of October, slightly over-ripe, to obtain the maximum concentration from the fruit right away. Some them (about 35%) are laid to rest in a fruit shed while the remainder begins the vinification process. After about one month, a technique similar to the Tuscan “governo” is applied; the dried bunches are added to the partly fermented must after removal of the stalks. When a certain alcoholic strength has been reached, new wine is added in several stages, wine which itself ferments. The purpose of all this is to increase the wine’s body and complexity.


a full yellow gold colour, with greenish hues; an intense and delicate perfume, fragrant with acacia flowers, with hints of lime tree and chestnut leaves, and undergrowth; a dry, savoury and fresh flavour with a distinct citric vein, with an attractive quite persistent plum base.