This varietal would derive from an ancestor of Garganega, a very widespread grape in Veneto. On 2018 its name changed from Catarratto to Lucido which was its former name. Towards the end of the 1900s it was the most cultivated white grape in Sicily and second in Italy after the Tuscan Trebbiano. Today is among the six most planted white grapes in the world. This wine is fresh with a perfect balance between salinity and minerality and a fruity bouquet of apricots, white pulp fruits and floral scents.


Straw yellow in colour, it has a broad range of aromas, with fruity notes, especially apricot and white-fleshed fruit. The palate is fresh, intense and persistent with salinity and minerality. It is an excellent pairing with starters and main courses of fish, shellfish and soft cheese.