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Just like art and gastronomy, wine comes from a close connection to the territory of which it becomes an expression. Naonis, a range of excellent wines, is the ancient name of the city of Pordenone. In the glass these fine and elegant wines express the unique identity of their region, Friuli Grave: a strip of land straddling the Tagliamento river. This area is particularly suited to the production of excellent wines: the specific composition of the alluvial, gravelly soil ensures the production of fine wines with a rich bouquet of aromas.

Naonis sparkling wines are the result of a careful selection of the best grapes of vineyards cultivated by the cooperative’s winegrowers: these vineyards, located in the high plain of Friuli, enjoy the favourable mild climate influenced by the sea and sheltered from cold northern winds by the surroundings mountains.

The quality of raw materials, the dynamic harmony with the ripening time of the grapes and passion for the wine are the core drivers of Naonis. The harvesting, winemaking and bottling centre is in the middle of the Friuli Grave and Prosecco DOC areas, which have a centuries-old tradition of winemaking history. The vineyards are constantly monitored and managed by the technicians of the cooperative: members are provided with technical support to assist in various cultivation practices, from clone selection, to the rooted vines’ planting, continuing throughout the entire production procedure. The technical staff follow the members and their vineyards during all phases of the vine’s life, from pruning to grape ripening. The whole grape processing and fermentation cycle takes place in thermo-conditioned tanks, where the temperature is constantly controlled through a modern cooling system. The experience of wine growers, integrated with experts, ensures the best choices and thus the best possible wines.

The combination of nature and soil, and the influence of a particularly mild climate due to the protection of the mountains and the influence of the Tagliamento river allow Naonis’ cooperative to produce quality wines with personality.


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