Project Description

Kellerei St. Pauls

Alto Adige

Fusing traditional winemaking techniques with modern cellar technology

Formed in 1907 Kellerei St Pauls is a cooperative which today has over 200 members. The winegrowing families that make up the St. Pauls winery cultivate their vineyards with great care, predominantly by hand – 185 hectares of the best locations in one of the most picturesque wine areas of South Tyrol. Lying protected on the south side of the Alps and enjoying 1800 hours of sunshine a year, well aired by the downdraught from the Mendel range and benefitting from a high diurnal range, their vineyards are well-positioned to deliver consistently high-quality grapes.

The winery’s entire production and office areas benefit from modern, energy-efficient machinery, and since 2010 they have also had a 700-m² photovoltaic system that provides around 60% of their electricity requirements. The cellar on the other hand dates back to 1907, and its four-floor layout was very innovative for its time – the entire pressing process is gravity-aided over a height of 22 metres, reducing the use of pumps, meaning a more delicate treatment of the wine and the saving of unnecessary energy use.



Kellerei St Pauls Lehmont Pinot Nero Riserva

“Lehm [clay]” and “Mont [mountain]” indicate how the soils helped to shape the character of this wine, whilst the mountain was key for its refreshing acidity. Elegant and fine, and matured in oak for 18 months, it was recently awarded a Gold DWWA Medal and 96 points.


Kellerei St Pauls Luzia Pinot Nero

Luzia Selection Pinot Nero is a luminous, deep Blauburgunder that pays homage to the Roman villa whose remains still stand above the Luzia vines today.


Kellerei St Pauls Sanctissimus Pinot Bianco Riserva

Sanctissimus is a consistent high-scorer – grown on the extremely steep slopes of the south-facing Vigna location below the church in Missian, then aged in clay amphora, it is truly the jewel in the winery’s crown.


Kellerei St Pauls Kalkberg Pinot Bianco Riserva

A multi-layered 100% Pinot Bianco, made from powerful old vines grown on ancient mineral-rich limestone dolomite rock. Very complex with a compact structure and a long-lasting mineral finish.


Kellerei St Pauls Schliff Old Vine Sauvignon Blanc

Schliff Old Vine Sauvignon Blanc is so-called as a nod to the remaining glaciation sediment and mineral rich soils of its production area in the Gfill area, and the wine has a distinct flinty note amongst its highly aromatic profile.


Kellerei St Pauls Löss Selection Pinot Grigio

Löss Selection Pinot Grigio is made from vines which benefit from intense sunlight and mineral-rich loess soil, the result of which is a complex example of the varietal offering pineapple, melon and ripe pear paired by white flowers and a fine hint of vanilla.


Kellerei St Pauls Plötzner Pinot Bianco

Recently awarded a DWWA Silver Medal, this Pinot Bianco offers a complex aroma spectrum of green apple, pears and peaches combined with citrus, flowers and a touch of almond. The palate is elegant and refreshingly fruit-driven with a pleasantly saline finish.


Kellerei St Pauls Cuvée Paul Bianco

A fragrant, exotic and lively white blend of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.


Kellerei St Pauls Cuvée Paul Rosso

A spicy and smooth red blend of Lagrein, Merlot and Pinot Nero, offering delicate berry aromas and a velvety mouthfeel.