Project Description

The origins of Concilio dates back to 1860 when Angelo Grigolli founded a winery in Mori, a small village in the South of Trento. Angelo and the generations that succeeded him produced wines from the Adige Valley for another 112 years prior to the Grigoli family forming a partnership with another historic company, Boschi & Gamberoni, in order to increase production scale. Together they called this new company Concilio.


In 1980, eight years after the Grigolli and Boschi & Gamberoni partnership, a group of winegrowers who shared Concilio’s philosophy of producing excellent quality, sustainable cool-climate wines joined Concilio as shareholders. These new shareholders increased Concilio’s land under vine to 620 hectares; all situated between 200 and 800 metres above sea level. The varying altitudes of Concilio vineyards provide large differences in microclimate and soils, making it possible to produce a broad range of wines and styles, where each variety grows in conditions ideally suited to its needs.
All Concilio wines are produced under the most stringent of Italian appellation restrictions and the scrutiny of local viticultural regulations, which drastically restrict the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and other sprays both in the interest of health and the environment.

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