Project Description

Colle Corviano


An estate obsessively committed to improving the reputation of Abruzzo via single block winemaking

Nestled between the hillside villages of Loreto Aprutino and Picciano in the province of Pescara, Colle Corviano is an award-winning 15 hectare estate that is obsessively committed to improving the reputation of Abruzzo via single block winemaking.

Following extensive research to delineate various soil profiles, aspects and microclimates, the various single varietal blocks were planted in 1973. Each block is vinified separately and traced throughout the production process allowing Chief Winemaker, Paolo Benassi (previously of Castello Banfi) to create wines with distinct terroir driven character. He claims: “Loreto Aprutino’s climate is heavily influenced by the Apennine mountain range resulting in a continental climate, with frigid, snowy winters and cooler summers. The geology includes marly-clay, sand-rich flysch and limestone soils leading my belief that we can make truly outstanding wines.” 



Colle Corviano Fonte Maggio

This Estate red is produced only in outstanding vintages after a 12-month french oak ageing period. This great wine inevitably has a strong sense of place, and is a product of both the natural environment and human culture in which it is born.


Colle Corviano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC

The aromas of this generous red are elegant and tightly packed: cherry, blackberry, spices and red fruit make up the core. A dense, richly textured mouthfeel is unveiled thanks to its structure.


Colle Corviano Pecorino Colline Pescaresi IGP

The aromas of this refreshing white are elegant and tightly packed: ripe pear, renetta apple, ginestra flowers and jasmine make up the core. A compelling, unique wine from an indigenous variety that has been recently re-discovered.


Colle Corviano Trebbiano d’Abruzzo

The aromas of this easy drinking juicy white are delightful: Citrus, tangerine and stone fruit make up the core. A bright and refreshing white wine ending with a lovely stony minerality.


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