We are delighted to announce that Scarpa will be making its debut in the UK market with Carson & Carnevale Wines as its exclusive distributor.

Scarpa, a Piedmontese winery focused on crafting high-quality wines, has recently partnered with Carson & Carnevale Wines to bring some new and exciting wines to the UK market. Scarpa is a producer of wines which believes unwaveringly in two guiding principals: a commitment to quality over quantity and a long ageing of it wines in large barrels called botti. This has allowed Scarpa to craft wines of exceptional quality with a long ageing potential.

This is best exemplified by a quote from 1935 by Mario Pesce, the then-winemaker, “The way of working with a big barrel is exactly the opposite than working with a barrique. The longer you keep your wine in a barrique, the stronger the wooden taste will be. Contrarily, the longer you keep your wine in a large barrel the more elegant the wine will ever be”. 

Carson & Carnevale will start with the importation and distribution of four wines: La Bogliona Barbera d’Asti, Casa Scarpa Barbera d’Asti, Bric du Nota Nebbiolo d’Alba, and Briccorossa Rouchet. All four wines come from the 50ha estate, half of which is given over to woodland, and are vinified under the expert eye of Silvio Trinchero. Scarpa is a winery with its own signature style and flair, using Burgundy bottles with longer, thinner necks than usual in order to replicate the magnum effect to facilitate better, gentler ageing in bottle.