We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Savian, an organic, low-intervention winery from Veneto.

An organic producer of vegan, low-sulphite wines, Savian has a real respect for the environment and belief in their vines. Certified organic since 1993, Savian produces a fantastic range of low intervention wines, which allow the terroir and grape varieties to shine through.

Carson & Carnevale will be exclusively importing and distributing four Savian wines for the first time in the UK market: Pinot Grigio, Lison Classico, Cabernet Franc and Prosecco. All these wines are vegan, low-sulphite, organic wines following Savian’s focus on quality and respect for the environment, while also embracing the best of modern technology to create truly superb wines. 

Savian’s commitment to innovation and the organic philosophy extends beyond just the vineyards. In 2007, Savian installed a small solar power plant on site to provide green energy for the many stages of winemaking. Alongside this, they also pledged to limit all forms of pollution and waste in order to lessen their impact on the environment as much as possible. To this end, their most recent ambitious project is the construction of a new, modern winery which will ensure the highest quality of wines as well as a low ecological impact.

Savian will provide those in the drinks industry with top-quality wines that will certainly be popular amongst a consumer base that is becoming increasingly aware and interested in ethical and responsible winemaking.