New Producer: Savian

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Savian, an organic, low-intervention winery from Veneto. An organic producer of vegan, low-sulphite wines, Savian has a real respect for the environment and belief in their vines. Certified organic since 1993, Savian produces a fantastic range of low intervention wines, which allow the terroir and grape varieties to shine through.Carson

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C&C Wines to Exhibit at SITT Spring 2019

Our wines will be available to taste in Manchester on Monday 25th February  and in London on Wednesday 27th February at Table 32. We are delighted to announce that we will be representing a selection of our wineries at SITT Spring 2019. Alongside some of our longstanding producers, we will be showcasing two new and exciting Italian wineries that we have

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New Producer: Scarpa

We are delighted to announce that Scarpa will be making its debut in the UK market with Carson & Carnevale Wines as its exclusive distributor. Scarpa, a Piedmontese winery focused on crafting high-quality wines, has recently partnered with Carson & Carnevale Wines to bring some new and exciting wines to the UK market. Scarpa is a producer of wines which

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Deep Woods Estate and Hentley Farm Make the Langton’s Classification

We are delighted that the flagship wines for both Deep Woods Estate and Hentley Farm have made the Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine. Since 1990, The Langton’s Classification has independently judged and ranked Australia's best-performing wines based on quality and demand on a four-yearly basis. This highly prestigious classification is arguably the most widely-respected wine classification outside Europe. We are proud

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Fantastic Halliday Scores!

In total, 5 wines achieved 97 points, 6 wines - 96 points, 4 wines - 95 points and 2 wines - 94 points. Our Australian estates had another incredible year, with three wineries in particular receiving an excellent set of scores in James Halliday’s latest Wine Companion. Deep Woods Estate, Hentley Farm and Punt Road are all top class wineries

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