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The quality of a mineral water will depend on the site of its source and the nature of the aquifer, the porous rock through which the water trickles. Just like wine, natural mineral waters have their own ‘terroir’, a French word that means that each place on earth has its own signature taste. S.Pellegrino is a fine quality natural mineral water that flows from natural springs in Val Brembana in the San Pellegrino Terme area, at the foothills of the Italian Alps near Bergamo (Lombardy). S.Pellegrino surfaces as perfectly sparkling and naturally enriched with mineral salts.

An estimated 30-year excursion inside the earth: a journey that mineralises the S.Pellegrino water through contact with underground rocks. The water becomes naturally enriched in the process, with mineral salts and trace elements, including the essential calcium and magnesium. Thanks to our addition of carbon dioxide (originating from a natural mine), S.Pellegrino water acquires its sparkles and signature “perlage” upon its arrival. This perfectly balanced added CO2 provides acidity and prolongs the now sparkling water’s sensation of scent and taste, finishing with a slightly bitter note, which made it famous and unmistakable throughout the world.

The S.Pellegrino sources have been monitored through geological and hydrological studies, which have analysed each phase of the water’s journey to fully understand its origin and taste. The water outflows from the snow and the rain that infiltrate in the high dolomitic mountains (1200-1300 meter ASL), and takes at least 30 years to finally arrive at the sources, positioned at the foothills of the mountains, at an elevation of 350 meter ASL (above sea level).

S.Pellegrino’s enduring success is deeply rooted in its extraordinary heritage, symbolic value and iconic identity, all expressions of its unique Italian spirit. Ever since its foundation in 1899 S.Pellegrino has been a premium brand synonymous with style for more than a century.

S.Pellegrino brings timeless culture and Italian elegance and quality to your dining table, either at home or at a restaurant ─ in New York, Shanghai or Sydney. The undeniable endorsement of S.Pellegrino’s unique taste from the world’s best gourmet food and wine makes it a true representative of Italian culture abroad. Inspired by the Italian tradition of excellence and refinement, S.Pellegrino is a founding member of the Altagamma Foundation, whose primary aim is to promote top-quality Italian industry and culture at international level.

A favourite of VIPs and celebrities around the world, S.Pellegrino is the product of choice for distinguished international productions, movie stars and directors. S.Pellegrino sparkling water’s true Italian ‘verve’ makes it a symbol of Italian style. An Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival since 2009, S.Pellegrino’s successful connection with the visual arts dates back to 1960, with the S.Pellegrino Red Star shining in the background of the Trevi Fountain in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. The same Red Star still shines today, notably in highly successful TV series like Sex and the City and Doctor House, confirming S.Pellegrino’s prestige as a status symbol around the world.

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