Amaro Del Capo

The aroma of unique ingredients in a secret recipe from the heart of Calabria. This is Vecchio Amaro del Capo, the world’s most widely appreciated Calabrian spirit.

A mix of twenty-nine herbs, flowers, fruits and roots from Calabria’s beautiful land, blended to provide an intense experience of pleasure: the bittersweet taste of oranges, the delicacy of orange blossom and chamomile, the intensity of liquorice, peppermint and aniseed. All combined in a single, unique and secret recipe. Each one of the herbs used to produce Vecchio Amaro del Capo has a specific harvesting time. This is why they are harvested one by one during the course of the year. All the macerations and infusions take place immediately at the time of harvesting, to capture the freshest aromas and keep intact the organoleptic properties of each ingredient.

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Amaro del Capo

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