Absente Absinthe

Absente Absinthe, made with the same ingredients as the best Absinthes of ‘La Belle Epoque’, was the first of its kind to be legalised in France where it has been produced since 1915. Absinthe first rose to prominence in the 19th century after it was used as a malaria treatment for French soldiers in Africa, and they soon developed a taste for it and brought it home. There, its popularity spread amongst all classes, from poor artists to the bourgoisie. This continued until prohibitionists gained influence and absinthe was banned in much of Europe. In the ’90s and early 2000s, Absinthe underwent a revival, and thanks to EU food regulations, the ban has been repealed in the EU.

Absente is issued from the distillation of Artemisia Absinthium associated with the subtle blending of alcohol, mugwort infusion, star anise essence, balm, peppermint and anise distillates in a limpid and bright green liqueur.

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