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Project Description

Vigneti Zanatta is a wine producer with roots in Sardinia and in Veneto. Bruno Zanatta came to Sardegna from Veneto as a young winemaker where he honed his craft for thirty years.

In 2003 the Zanatta family acquired their first vineyard in Gallura. Over the course of the next five years the family expanded their vineyard holdings in Sardinia making clean and modern wines using local grapes and know-how. Operating predominantly in and around the renowned wine region of Gallura, which in Sardinian means “high ground”, the family owned and run winery makes use of native grape varieties such as Canonau, a variant of Gamay with a very different flavor profile, and Vermentino.
In 2008 family had the opportunity to utilize the lands that has been in the family for generations planting Glera for Prosecco and Pinot Grigio true to the Veneto region traditions. On both sites, the Zanatta family use modern equipment to ensure their wines are clean crisp and express the full potential of the local varietals they use.

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