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Project Description

Tenuta Sant’Antonio is a family business which was founded in 1989 when four brothers; Armando, Tiziano, Paulo and Massimo Castagnedi bought a property in Monti Garbi embarking on their collective dream of producing critically acclaimed, multi-award winning premium wines from Veneto.

The brothers’ father, Antonio, who the company is named after, was himself a winegrower who supplied various well established companies in the region with high quality Soave grapes. It was in his vineyards whilst the four brothers were growing up that they decided to create their own company, which they named Tenuta Sant’Antonio.
Initially purchasing a derelict, low yielding vineyard called Monti Garbi, in the hills overlooking the Illasi Valley, the brothers turned around the fortunes of this vineyard and have developed their business which now lays claim to over 100 hectares of vineyards in the Illasi and Mezzane valleys along with a state of the art ageing facility for their multi award winning selection of Amarone’s. Each brother plays a prominent role in the company; Armando is charged with export, Tiziano with domestic sales, Paulo as winemaker and Massimo as the vineyard and production manager.
From the outset the brothers have had one clear philosophy, create wines of exceptional quality, whatever the cost. Over the years the brothers have expanded their portfolio of wines and are now one of the eleven families of Amarone.

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