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Project Description

San Martino is located near the village of Vazzola, 10 kilometers south-east of Conegliano. A self-sufficient
operation, San Martino manages its entire production chain starting with the handpicking of grapes
from their 50 hectares of vineyards through to their own bottling line.

Founded by Luigi Cescon, San Martino is now under the management of its third generation, brothers Giovanni and Walter
Cescon. Giovanni, the winemaker, is obsessed with quality and carefully monitors each step of the vinification process, from
grape selection to bottling, whilst Walter is charged with sales. Both brothers are firm believers of innovation and as such
San Martino has invested in technology to produce wine kegs along with its existent high quality glass bottle production.
The estate itself, with the River Piave running through it, is located in the borough called “i San Martin”, thus San Martino.

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