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Project Description

The Angas & Bremer brand, named after Langhorne’s two rivers which are the lifeblood of the regions wine industry, has been created to demonstrate the true quality of wine available from Langhorne Creek at varying price/quality levels.

All Angas & Bremer wines are produced by Project Wine, Langhorne Creek’s largest production facility which is located less than one hour from Adelaide and made by Project Wine’s senior winemaker, Peter Pollard, whose previous winemaking experience includes Peter Lehmann Wines (Barossa Valley), Simeon Wines (South Australia) and Geyser Peak Wines (Sonoma Valley).

Project Wine, in conjunction with its sister business Vinternational, creates engaging wine brands that over-deliver in quality to price. Founded by Steve Millar, previously CEO of Hardy’s Australia and now under the direction of Hamish Baldwinson and Paul Zerella, Project Wine works in partnership with distributors to track trends and create wines to suit specific market profiles and demands.

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