Project Description

Founded in 1973, Citra Vini is the largest and most highly respected wine producer in Abruzzo. In partnership with nine Abruzzo winegrower associations, Citra not only has access to the very best fruit in the region but it is fully committed to developing the regions domestic and international reputation by continuously analysing its vinification and investing heavily in the winery.

Citra draws on fruit produced across 7,000 hectares, stretching 80-90km north to south and from the sea to 40km inland; covering almost the entire province of Chieti, where the winery is based. This vast mass of land under vine, provides Citra with the unique opportunity to categorise and exploit the different terroirs and microclimates available in the Abruzzo region. As a result of their scale and industry leading technology Citra produces much of the wine available from Abruzzo, however the finest quality grapes, 20% of the total yield, is safeguarded by the winery and exclusively available for Citra labelled brands which are purposefully not supplied to grocers and supermarkets.
Each range of wine is carefully developed by the Citra winemaking and oenologist team in order to accurately reflect on microclimate where the fruit was grown prior to being aged in the largest wood barrel and ageing cellar in Abruzzo.

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