Project Description

Founded in 1936, Gerardo Cesari soon became synonymous worldwide with wines from the Verona area. Today, Cesari sets itself further targets: to respond to the market by producing unique, elegant, fine, balanced wines, drawing on tradition but using the latest knowledge in vineyard cultivation, using environmentally sustainable growing techniques and offering consumers the guarantees of a certified wine-making process. A constantly evolving firm that still keeps faith with its land and its origins.

Cesari’s winesare defined by their production area and not their production method.
To be defined by its production area, they believe a wine must have the following features:
– Close links with a specific production district, in their case the province of Verona;
– Links between history and the land, culture, tradition and quality which do not belong just to one winery or brand but to the whole community: everyone from the Verona area identifies with the local wines.
– Grape varieties unique to the area: attempts to export Verona grape varieties to other areas have not given the same results in quality terms.
– Methods specifically chosen for the types and yields of the grape varieties grown locally; the same methods applied to different varieties do not give the same results.

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