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Project Description

An artisanal producer, Cantina Braschi was founded in the hills of Emilia Romagna in 1949. Now under the guidance of Vincenzo Vernocchi (Winemaker & CEO), Cantina Braschi’s philosophy is to make authentic, estate-grown wines which tell the story of Emilia Romagna.

Nestled in the hills, 350 metres above sea level, Cantina Braschi overlooks the Adriatic Sea. The winery has three vineyards; Monte Sasso, Campo Mamante and Gelso, which together cover 18.5 hectares. The three vineyards provide Vincenzo with very different soils, different microclimates and vines ranging in age from 20-70 years old, enabling him to create single site wines of character and expression. Vincenzo and his team are focussed on creating elegant, modern cru-wines from the four varietals available in their vineyards; Sangiovese, Albana, Famoso, Trebbiano, whilst also maintaining a deep respect for the genuine and traditional winemaking practices that are typical to this region.

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