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Project Description

Azienda Agricola Felline is finally receiving the attention and accolades it deserves. Back-to-back Tre Bicchieri wins from Gambero Rosso for different Cru wines, coupled with the discovery and promotion of ancient native varietals means that Felline is not just a Puglian producer, but a Puglian protagonist.

In recent times Puglia has emerged as an important wine producing region in Italy however little is known that much of this can be attributed to Gregory Perrucci. Not only is Gregory a pioneer of Primitivo, a story told through his four Cru (of which one is Zinfandel), made from four different soils, “red, black, white and sandy” as Gregory simplifies, but he is also a promoter of Puglia having researched, discovered and produced old indigenous varietals such as Susumaniello. Whilst the majority of the Felline vineyards sit in the heart of the historic Manduria region in Puglia, Perrucci also conceived “Racemi”, a company which joins small farms under his umbrella, to promote different zones and varietals whilst also ensuring the survival of smaller growers and their vineyards who, without Gregory’s help, wouldn’t be able to survive.

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